Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


Last night I came to the end of The Hunger Games Trilogy. And although maybe I thought the fans exaggerated how good this series was at first, now I am beginning to see. The series was recommended to me by a boy who rarely says anything but sits on our table everyday…if it got him talking! However, I remember being quite disappointed by the first,  probably due to the expectations of it had. Also in the first I did not develop any kind of bond with the characters. Although by the end I have a firm affiliation with Peeta, who has remained by far my favourite character.

The reason why I love Peeta so much is he never really needs to tell Katniss that he loves her, or anyone else, it is so obvious. I love how when she has nightmares he will just lie next to her so look after her when she does get them. I also liked how he wasn’t the usual brave type but was so much more brave than them anyway. In the novel he seemed to be the only one in the novel who truly understood the Capitol’s control. And at the end votes against there being any more Hunger Games. He knew why they were fighting and always made the right decisions, I loved his reasoning. The reason why I didn’t like Gale was for all the reasons why I liked Peeta. I found him quite aggressive and flippant. I thought he was the kind of person who would act in the moment and then reflect in the long run. He thought he was fighting to remove Capitol power and a long the way he seemed to lose his ability to empathise. As long as his family were not killed it did not matter that others did. Gale always seemed to never be happy either. Katniss pretended for a long time to be in love with Peeta and he never complained although as soon as she tried to show interest in Gale, and probably liked him the whole way through anyway, he just threw it back in her face. I really didn’t like him!

Although I liked how Collins wasn’t afraid to kill of characters, I also found she killed off many of my favourite characters which maybe made me slightly upset. Although I did realise that she had to do this to fit in with the genre. I found the last person who was killed to be especially sad.

The ending was happy unlike many dystopias which was nice for once. There was no cliffhanger to make me wonder whether they survived or not like there usually is but it was a definite. And again would recommend the series to other people, not just because you’ll understand what everyone else is going on about but also because it is a clever series, which isn’t always predictable.


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