Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Recently I read the second in The Hunger Game trilogy and although I wasn’t blown away by the first, I enjoyed the second one much more.

Firstly I found it much more interesting than the second because I thought it was less predictable and thought it had more of a lively storyline. I thought the first was slightly obvious and during the second one I didn’t feel like I could predict everything that was going to happen. Although to some extent I obviously could as there is a third book!

I got even more attached to the characters in this book, well Katniss and Peeta, mainly Peeta although I can barely stand the spelling! People who have said they prefer Gale for Katniss have clearly not read the second. The fact that Peeta is affectionate even though he knows that Katniss prefers Gale and yet his still wants to protect her during The Hunger Games. Though when Katniss is with Peeta, even though Gale probably knows Katniss has a favourite he still acts hostile. In fact throughout the book I found him quite aggressive and didn’t like him much. I know this sounds horrible but as soon as I found out about the Quarter Quell I wanted Haymitch to be selected, I wanted Peeta to survive, the way they left it at the end filled me with hope that my favourite character would not be killed!

I love the whole genre of this book, dystopian. I’ll be honest part of my personality actually enjoys a good dystopian. I like the concept and how you look at it and think that it is the same world but it is completely different and shows the paramount of government control. One thing I didn’t like about the genre is the way it forced Collins to invent names and spell names in weird ways, it just annoyed me really because it just seemed like a lot of spelling mistakes. The spelling “Peeta”, “Hazelle” (should rhyme with Gazelle) and “Gale” (for a boy) annoyed me, to name only a few! 

I find it very hard to write about this book without giving lots a way because I would recommend anyone read it. Also there is so much in there which could be counted as spoilers if mentioned. Anyway watch the film for the first one and skip straight to second, that’s my advice!


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