Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot is made up of around 12 to 14 members and aim to use shock techniques to get their point across. Although, you would have had to have disappeared for a while to have missed all that! Ever since this arose in the news I have been quite interested. As one for Freedom of Speech and “all that”, I was naturally shocked by their treatment. Although twist of events as now one has been freed.

I was reading an article a few days ago and it mentioned other protests they had made. Apparently they staged a protest in 2008 in a supermarket where they inserted raw chicken into their vagina, furthermore they painted a massive penis on the St. Petersburg bridge. When they sang their Punk Prayer in the Moscow cathedral, I could see why they did that. They were trying to highlight the relationships between the Russian Orthodox Church and President’s Putin. They got two years for their 40 seconds for “hoolagism motivated by religious hatred”. Singing in a cathedral to show this though, you can understand…it relates! However the other two, I don’t see how! I do admire their bravery though, as it is very easy for people to complain about the authority and even to say they would stand up for something but whether they actually would be completely different.

I’m not going to come out and say that Russia was wrong for imprisoning them because the women involved were perfectly aware of the risks that they faced by insighting these protests, although it does have a very dystopian feel to it. And President Putin has said they  “got what they asked for”. This case has made me wonder though how many democracies would face this situation. They may not imprison those involved but I can see England or America being particularly happy if a similar thing happened. Picture this, an Islamic group want to do a similar protest in America in a Church, or even want to burn remembrance poppies. The whole country gets really angry and say words to the effect of “they shouldn’t be here if they do not like it”. But really they are only standing up for something that they perceive to be wrong. Like I said, it’s merely shock-tactics…and guess what it worked! Therefore it is all very well the rest of the world saying that “it is completely wrong to have imprisoned them” but really in the situation they wouldn’t have encouraged it either.  

I think that Pussy Riot were bold for doing what they did but they knew they couldn’t get away with it and so therefore Madonna and the like saying that they should be freed is somewhat futile. It must be nice for them to know that they have the support of many around the world but will Putin honestly see Madonna performing “FREE PUSSY” marker-penned down her arm and think “you know what, maybe I was wrong!” No. And honestly should countries just as bad, but in different aspects, really be trying to change their legislation. When many innocent people were being held in Guantanamo Bay where Russia busy telling Americans how they were being unfair and prejudice, no. All I am saying do corrupt countries have the right to judge another corrupt countries? It’s almost the acceptance that “yes we are corrupt but we are not as corrupt as you!”.


Of Monsters and Men

Recently I have found a band which I really love at the moment. I just can’t get enough. Of Monsters and Men. Their album “My Head is an Animal”, I think is a phenomenon. It is a fine piece of work and I haven’t heard an album as magnificent and catchy in while. Just waiting for it’s realease in the UK!

Anyway, more on this band! Of Monsters and Men are a 6 piece, folk band. Although they are verging on indie. They are from Iceland. They  have been described as “Iceland’s Mumford and Sons” , personally I think that they are better. I’ll admit I got a kick out of Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons, however the kick was short-lived, I believe I have fallen in love with Of Monsters and Men. Due to the success of Little Talks in America, they were signed by Universal Music Group, and it is being released worldwide in early 2012. I’m looking forward to it and you should be too!

One thing I love about this band is their dreamy way of singing, they make it sound all so simple while at the same time you know their music is intricate. For that reason I find their music mesmerising and interesting. Some songs are sad others are happy but each one of them are heartfelt. The idea that if you are going to feel an emotion, then it should take over your whole being. I love it. Clearly the musicians behind it are very talented and intelligent in their work.

If this hasn’t sold them to you, I don’t know what will! All I would say is give them a listen, you may be pleasantly surprised!


Snow Patrol

ImageI went to my first concert last night. Snow Patrol, supported by Everything Everything. It was tather amazing, I’ll be honest!

I was not wildly looking forward, as I went with my boyfriend, his hardcore sister and his mother. I thought this was the ingredients for a very awkward evening, but it wasn’t. That is where his family are different to mine. If my parents see my hug my boyfriend at all they tease me about, whereas with him he doesn’t get that at all. Please bear in mind that I am 16, not that old but please it’s old enough to have a boyfriend.

Also my boyfriend is that shy guy, well he was before we started going out…he still retains an element of this. What I meant however is before we were going out I thought it wouldn’t be interested in PDA (public displays of affection) but in fact he is a lot more comfortable with it than I am. Whenever we go out he’s always holding my hand, even if we’re in college…I’ll stand next to him and he’ll cuddle me. No kisses obviously because I won’t let him! This is for our friend’s benefit, I also know what it’s like to be the third wheel…not something I would want to put people through. Also any time we go to the cinema or even sit on the train he’ll put his arm around me and kiss my forehead. I am really lucky to have him.

As his mother and sister are reasonable he put his arm around me for the whole concert and we have this little thing we do when we’re together that is there’s any music we like tap the rhythm/words on the other person. It’s cute. Then he actually turned to me and full on kissed me, with his family there, they didn’t notice but he did it regardless.

This of course was not the main reason why I enjoyed the concert, it’s a little side note about my amazing boyfriend, he doesn’t even know I have a blog so maybe I don’t need to tell the world that…but I want to! The main reason I enjoyed it was of course for the music. Snow Patrol’s main singer, Gary Lightbody, is such charismatic man. He didn’t just sing awesomely and with clarity but he also was entertaining, in between songs he would chat to the audience and would make jokes. I liked him! Everything Everything were also really good and were definately worth watching, I had heard some of their stuff before I went but will be listening to a lot more now 🙂

Anyway, there you have it! I have a very close to perfect life! Although I think that some people wouldn’t want to hear that other people are doing well, although I am just saying how I feel on my blog 🙂