The name of this blog is Sunsets and Fireworks partly because I couldn’t think of anything else and they are two of my favourite things, and I seem to have an excessive amount of photos of them on my camera! This blog began as more of a ranting/rambling blog but turned into more of a review of books, films and anything really. And then turned back into the ranting and thoughts. Reading is a hobby of mine but I also find it quite solitary so would encourage others to comment on my posts, even if it is just to tell me I am completely wrong!

Here’s more about me: I am easily excitable about little things and this often leads to disappointment. Some of my favourite things are: scented candles, coffee, fairy lights and owls. I am an a self-inflicted insomniac, my worrying and paranoia regularly keep me up at night. I am exceptionally naive and believe something just because someone has told me it, I am possibly too trusting also I class myself as a pedantic perfectionist. I am not very assertive and I hate making decisions. My favourite book is The Bell Jar, my favourite band is Frightened Rabbit and my favourite colour is light blue. I like to work in light blue rooms as it helps to relax me. I often find that I am lonely and as though I have no one to talk to. But that is my own fault, I do enjoy my own company so shut everyone out, but I don’t like my own company all the time and feel like it is too-little-too-late when I do decide to spend time with people. I aspire to be something but really I am a very average teenage, who maybe reads more and has more of an interest in updating her goodreads rather than twitter.  I have a love of old writing methods and own a quill and a typewriter.



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