So get me drunk and watch me unfold.
Loud, obnoxious,
was all I wanted.
Sorry. All we wanted.
They just found it
elsewhere. Before I did.
drunkdrunkdrunk I’M DRUNK.
Drinking for the fun.
Of it. All of it.
Drinking to enact
my sober fantasies.
He wants me entwined.
Ssh he can’t have me.
I think I’m playing the game now.
Silly boy.
Oh god, I’m cackling.
But it’s so funny!
Queen Narcissi
sits on her throne again.
They’re all bowing before her.
Men. Grown men. Bowing. HA.
And look at him. Think of him.
He is a beautiful man.
And I’m crying.
What do I see.
I think I’m going.
I’m left alone again.
Stumbling to my unknown.
Stumbling home.
I think I’m going
to be sick.


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