Stars on a Skirt

‘Number 5 tagged you
in 4 photos’ fuck.
An immediate text
‘I like your skirt’
‘Thank you, a space themed party’
Warranted that skirt,
With it’s constellations and
brightly coloured stars, depicting
a solar system for arts students,
unreachable, it may not exist
I would not know accuracy,
but I thought it pretty.

Next a bodycon dress,
A googleable term
‘a skintight dress which
emphasises your contours’
oh, how thrilled you must be
to have me in your life.
I can tell nothing of stars,
of cosmology, Saturn’s rings,
or of earth’s orbit.
But you still send messages everyday.
I own 27 dresses and 22 skirts
not all bodycon.
I had something to wear to the space party
people even said it was nice.
Strangely this makes our knowledge equal.


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