Words for a friend

You terrify me and that is why I love you. Because for once it is someone else’s mentality which scares me and not just the effect I have on others. I know this is terribly selfish but you make me feel more normal and acceptable. You scare me because you are my self manifested in man and I hate me, as you hate yourself also. But I can’t understand you’re self-hatred, to me you are this wonderful life force; you have a natural wit, extraordinary intellect and the ability to provide friendship that knows no bounds. My appreciation of your inexhaustible patience and want to listen to even my stupid small worries is something I struggle to put into words. I know you’d never read this, because I’d never let you, but you make a difference. And I wanted you to know, in my own way. There’s no one I have met before who I felt quite as sad that they couldn’t see their true self-worth.


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