Not a lot

He knocked on her door, he’d come to say his temporary goodbye.

‘I know this will sound bad, but I never thought you’d come’.
‘I said I would and I’m here. I wouldn’t have gone home without saying goodbye to you’.

She just stood there and smiled, she said she hadn’t expected him to see her before he left and she meant it. But she had still worn her favourite skirt that day, the one just that bit too tight, the one that made you notice.

She knew there were a million unsaid words between them that she would never say and he would be allowed to forget about. They needed saying. But right now was perfect. He had said he would see her and he had. He was here and she forgot the hatred she thought she felt and unintentionally loved him. She loved him the most when he did the little things because she knew she’d been a choice. Soon he would go but she was content, he had made her this way.

He’d just come round before he left for Christmas. That was all it took.


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