A Conversation With God

Please don't let him leave me
Please don't let him kiss her
Please can he not get too drunk
I don't want to have to give up on him
Can he never hurt me
Can we just sleep
Can everything be forever as good as lying together 
And not just this morning 
Can I not be the right girl this time?

Please, God?
This is the last thing and then I'll be content

God can I do well in this essay
Can you help me pass these exams 
And it that's not too much, can you make me happy
I haven't been happy in years.

This will be the last time 
I just need the reassurance.

Also God, can you never expect me to follow your rules
I want to live as I wish and you to answer my requests so I can continue.

God, won't you just fill this silence with something?

I do nothing for God 
But I expect him to do all for me
On command.

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