Commentary for ‘I Hate It Here’

There must be so many things I love about this place and don’t want to completely disregard them altogether and come across completely ungrateful, I am at a good University in a lovely city where the general public are lovely and I am studying a subject I truly enjoy. I also have independence, not in the way that makes me want to go wild as though the freedom doesn’t last the entirety of my life. But in a way that’s just nice, I can decide how I navigate my life.

But then we come back to the fact that given all this I am just not enjoying the experience as a whole. I think part of the problem here is that I don’t have the first year mentality, I don’t want to get drunk and I don’t want to do stupid things. I don’t want to get with the all the people I meet and go wild in an entirely selfish way. I don’t all fun, absolutely no commitment. An the problem here is they see me not getting involved with me judging them. And while I don’t agree with much of what goes on here, it is their choice and so I am happy to let them get on with it!

I guess this place is just a mess and yes, I do blame teenage hormones for that. I shouldn’t be complaining, in fact it should be what I expected.If you stick 250 teenagers who for many have never lived away from home, what do you really expect? They are going to drink and see a new female addition to the group and want to give her a little more attention. Unfortunately I don’t have this. I just want to make friends and get on with life. I am sure they do too underneath it all, it is just the initial phase which has not passed and will probably last for the entire year. You know what we all need desperately, Christmas holiday! I think we are all moderately fed up, I am just acting a little more so than they may be.

Oh and yes, I hate people who start every word in a sentence with a capital. It is probably the proper way to do things but for me, it just doesn’t look right.


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