Thoughts on a smoker


(Today I sat in the library for a long time and a girl who was sat next to me got up to leave, left everything and took her cigarettes, this sparked me to wonder what the benefits of smoking were and why so many people did it. I am one to feel the cold and thought even if you choose not to smoke because of the wintry weather, that is a good reason!) 

The dedication of those who smoke
Is almost admirable.
I know I for one would quickly abandon it if I was faced with a Scottish winter.
Got to wonder about these people who sit surrounded by work and
a pack of fags close to hand.
Maybe it’s a comfort.
To know those little compacts of compressed Nicotine are just waiting.
A security blanket perhaps for those who outgrew their blankets.
In this Scottish winter we could wrap up or pass warm smoke through our lungs.

And now you return, smelling of what you inhaled.


One comment

  1. inkposts · December 9, 2013

    Good stuff and it’s nice to read a poem about things that are common but not covered too often in the form. Poetry needs more of that.

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