While I wouldn’t class this as poetry, and if that, not very good poetry. It was made by using the last line of texts on my phone. Fraser is a cafe which my friends and I often use as a meeting place. Sometimes when you don’t have a clue how to write it is easier to use other people’s words and mould them into some sort of shape, which is what I have attempted. If nothing else, it provides evidence (or not) for the liveliness of my texts….


I’m getting the bus soon are you in the Fraser still?
Anyone free at 11?
That’s me!
Nothing wrong with that
Nanny in SA.

You know what babe, I had a good time tonight, I think it’s better that we met up with Britt after a while.
I’d rather be going up with Britt, but meh.

I feel like she might cancel.

I think when I get settled into a routine it’ll get better.
I phoned this morning in case your alarm didn’t go off
Yes that is fine, thanks you.

Anyone around Wolfson?
I’ve been out a few times but mainly to bars…haven;t been clubbing x

Hey, just going to dinner – do you want to meet in the common room later?
That’s good I’ve not missed a lot though hopefully I can catch up!
They have hall groups which are fun.

If it is very late get a taxi.

So you may have had it, more likely it’s tomorrow though

I’ll be in tomorrow
I promise
I’ll be 5 mins late though x
I’ve been queueing for the past two hours
Thank you x


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