People are shaped by their mistakes


I want to argue the case that humans are shaped by their environment and their experiences. I want to argue that bad experiences shape people far more than good ones do. The good experiences may be more frequent but they are often sidelined. I believe that humans are shaped by hurt and mistakes. A girl could have a million guys be lovely to her but it is that one boy who breaks her heart who she will remember and will destroy the trust she has for males. And you often, annoyingly, watch people make bad decisions. And you often watch people get annoyed that someone is making a bad decision, against their advice. But more often than not (at least in my case) you go against the good advice. But I believe it is these bad decisions which shape humans and makes them who they really are, it stops us being so naive! I guess I am really talking about girls and boys here. Love. Or the shitty substitute we almost always find. Humans (including me) settle for so much less. Loneliness conjures these shitty attempts of love.

I think this is almost a Blakean idea, in that human beings are a blank slate and the world corrupts them, perhaps displaying their true nature. It is the shift from innocence to experience. In that sense it almost suggests that innocence is dull but really it is beautiful, it is not tainted and still has complete faith in humans.

So on that note, thank you Danny for swearing at me in the high school playground until I cried. Thank you Harry for instilling the fear in me of just how forgettable I was. And thank you Jamie for making it impossible for me to ever wholeheartedly love another boy again.

Man hands on misery to man and in that breeds ugliness and self-destruction.


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