The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Probably my favourite film, and favourite book. Well I do like to vary. I think they have made a great adaptation of the book. Which I suspected they would as the author produced it. Although I saw this a while ago, I have a short break from blogging and so have decided to fill you in!

I honestly don’t think they could have picked a better person to play Charlie, Logan Lerman. Charlie isThe Perks of Being a Wallflower 2 shy but also innocent and there is something about him which never lost the shelter of childhood. Well, obviously if you read the book or watch the film it does, but the way it is written he is presented to be quite childlike. One of the parts I remember in the book was when he discovered the joys of masturbation which was funny as the way it was written it was as though his mind had been blown. I love the way he is in the film it makes you feel so sorry for him but also makes you want to be his friend, you can just imagine the actor is also a really nice guy. In the film the lines that he says are funny because it is so clear that is just doesn’t really know how to speak to people. Also there is sadness for him because it seems that because of his goodness and wholehearted sense of trust he is taken advantage of. This can be seen with by everyone that he just lets people treat him how they want to, just to make them feel good, this can also be seen with Mary Elizabeth who he doesn’t really want to go out with but does to keep her happy. Honestly the ending could have made me cry. I think I like him because I feel like I want to know him because I almost feel like I can relate to him. He seems to hear something and it become his favourite song so much so that he listens to it everyday and never gets bored with it, I do this. Also everytime he finishes a book it becomes his favourite book, and I feel I do this too. There is something about feeling alone I can relate to and the desire to turn things around. I’ll be honest, I fell in love with Charlie in the book and in the film.

Emma Watson was also great in this. I was wary that she might forever be branded as Hermione Granger and it would be hard to imagine her playing anyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower 3 other role. It was not like this. I don’t know if it was entirely to do with the haircut but you believed that she was Sam. Also the audience saw a different side to her. I wouldn’t say Sam was particularly rebellious but she was definitely not the nerd which Hermione was so it was interesting to see her to things quite naughty in comparison to Harry Potter. I also loved the character possibly even more than I had done in the book because she just felt so sorry for Charlie and really wanted to look out for him and was concerned by how others treated him. I don’t think the audience got the full benefit of Sam’s background though and her own individual problems.

When I saw the trailer, I’ll adThe Perks of Being a Wallflower 4mit Ezra Miller is not who I expected to play Patrick but I think he did a good job, he was such a hilarious character and got a much better view of just how humorous he is. Thinking about it afterwards it changed my mind from not sure to definitely couldn’t have thought about anyone better! I also thought the relationship with Sam was lovely and liked the way he shared the same quality of looking out for people. He also was proud of being below average which shows that he was unique in his own way. This novel definitely concentrates on individuals problems as a key theme and you could see him struggling as well with wanting to help Brad but not being able to. Also the way he kind of in his own way takes advantage of Charlie just because Charlie lets him. This is the kind of character you feel sorry for because you know there is more there than meets the eye but he covers it up with the humour. I don’t think the audience or reader ever really know the extent of his problems which suggests that he has been through much more than expected.

And here is a clip just to encourage you to watch the film or to reminice!  


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