Yes Man

This has got to be one of the most uplifting films I have ever seen, and probably one of my favourites. Anytime I am feeling upset about anything this film always seems to cheer me up. It’s not as though it’s even relatable and the laughs are only funny once so I don’t know why. I think that maybe it is the optimism and the hope that if you said yes to everything you would become a millionnaire who has helped many people along the way! Yes Man is loosely based on the book written by Danny Wallace, I would emphasise the loosely!

The part that did stand out to me though is when they are walking along a road in Nebraska and then it starts to rain and he immediately throws his coat over his head and drags her to a barn screaming “I MUST PROTECT YOU!” I was literally in hysterics when I saw this. As I have said many things tickle me which others may not find particularly amusing!

I like the two main characters they are crazy and suit one another. I particularly liked Zooey Deschanel as I find Jim Carey to jump around too much! They are probably why I like it so much. Although it does make me wonder if they can play anything different, leading me to suspect that they are mainly being themselves. I like people who fail to grow up, there is something very appealing about their carefree mentality.

I will mention the book now, which I am currently in the process of reading and the film most definitely takes the concept and not the actual storyline which is ok. It just really annoyed me after reading that the film wasn’t British because the book is very British!!

Overall I would say that this film is so good because it encourages the audience to say yes more and makes them think in their naive optimism is “yes” is all it takes to change their life for the better! It also makes them want to jump head first into things because everything will be ok in the end. It almost dares them not to be ordinary but to be unpredictable. I know after I watched it, and a number of my friends, I was ready to say “yes!” It is a nice concept but one that has its flaws.


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