High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

It took me a while to get into this book. Well that isn’t true, I enjoyed reading the first chapter and then after that thought it didn’t have much point to it, although by the end I saw it had lots of point.

One thing I see in Nick Hornby which I don’t see in many other novels which I have read is how wise he is. I know that probably sounds ridiculously cheesy but he has a way of writing things honestly, and often very bluntly, which are true but ignored. I found this also when I read Juliet, Naked. In both novels they address the theme of time, which I especially liked. It’s the idea that it all slips away before you realise that you haven’t really got anything to show for you life. It can often be an uncomfortable read as you don’t really want to think about all the time you waste but it is a definate eye-opener. It motivates me to do things! I also think that Nick Hornby can sum this differences between men and women up very simply and accurately. Reading his novels, I definately got the sense, that he really does understand people. I also got the impression that he knew a lot about music. Like so much so that I kind of got lost in all the titles which he dropped. Maybe it was unnecessary and may have been slight showing off but they were acceptable in the context!

Hornby also manages to write in a cynical manner with humourous undertones. This adds to the novel. I got the impression that he sees things very much in “black and white” which can be depressing, especially as what he said was usually completely right. The way he wrote it was clever but also strangely enlightening. The main character in the middle of the book opens his eyes to his problems and his fears in being lonely which force him to be lonely because he is so scared of losing someone to commit. I was disappointed at first but during his novel I realised that it was necessarily about how much was going on in the storyline but the significance of what had happened. It seemed realistic which probably made it more worrying. It makes you wonder if this will be your life in a few years time, and that frightens me.


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