Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This has probably been my favourite book which I have read in a while. I liked how it wasn’t typical. I mean it wasn’t just boy meets girl, they get married and live happily ever after. It is tragically sad but also at the same time funny. Not because it is a funny issue but because the author just writes in a way which is amusing.

Admittedly this book had me in tears by the end. This was due to the characters being so likeable but also so sad. You desperately want everything to be good in the end and you thought they could be. I was surprised by the ending even though the whole book was heading towards it. This was due to my futile attempts to believe that he could be happy and that everything in life could be resolved because he had found love. Cheesy as it is, that is what other novels and films have tried to shown us but in all honestly this presents the idea that love alone is not enough.  

I liked all the characters apart from Patrick who I found incredibly boring. I felt he was the “safe option” sure he would never hurt you, never be spontaneous but he would never truly interest you either. He seemed to be the guy she would settle for but not really be happy with. I was waiting for them to split and was relieved when they did!

In many ways I felt that the book was how Before I Die should have been. Not saying it should have been between a quadratic and his carer but more it should have been filled with aspirations and interesting ways to spend your last six months on earth. It should be about enhancing yourself not just sleeping with someone and doing drugs. It just seemed to me that in fiction you aren’t limited and Before I Die felt limited. You Before Me, however, did not. It made me question my own life and made me want to get more out of it.

Another reason why I enjoyed this book so much was because it was an issue that I don’t think I have read before and probably one that people try to avoid. Euthanasia is something that is always going to be disputed and probably one that should be assessed by the individual rather than as a concept. I am of the opinion that you should encourage someone not to but ultimately it is their choice. An interesting point was made in this novel which was when someone is confined to wheelchair not only do people look upon them differently but also they begin to make choices for them. Euthanasia follows the latter. It is mainly people who don’t truly understand what there lives are like, and how can you until you live it, making decisions that will impact their lives.

I would recommend this book to others as it is captivating, humourous but also a tear-jerker. I will be reading more of hers in the future.


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