Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby

This is the first Nick Hornby book which I have read, admittedly I wasn’t entirely excited to be reading it. That being largely due to the fact I asked my mother, who was visiting the library, specifically for either High Fidelity or About a Boy. She therefore bought back Juliet, Naked, which she said, she hadn’t got into herself. I don’t know how someone can make you less excited for a book!

I am not sure I enjoyed the entire book revolving around a rocker who refuses to write music anymore, after a somewhat flawed theory involving an epiphany in a toilet which changed him. Although at the same time I think I probably enjoyed this part of the novel as it provided many controversies which I found interesting, made more interesting by the fact that when the “real Tucker” turns up he blows all scepticism out of the water. However, one criticism, I found it hard to believe that Tucker Crowe would visit her and they would have sex and so on! I know I can be really prudish when it comes to sex but the idea of someone famous turning up on your door and you falling in love sounds incredibly far-fetched.

On the hand other I did like many of the characters. I liked Tucker and how throughout the book he addressed just what his problem was, I enjoyed how all the characters did this. What I liked about Tucker was how his fans treated him like he was some kind of superhuman but he was very regular with his own problems. I also didn’t mind Annie, although I am cynical about the fact that sleeping with someone will mend you, as I think it often makes it worse. I’ll admit, I extremely disliked Duncan. I saw all the faults in him which Annie saw. I found him incredibly mundane and boring. He was so obsessed with Crowe that it was all that really happened in his world and how he didn’t really appreciate Annie, thus showing why she left. I am not saying that she was without fault but he was definitely to blame! I felt like he was too obsessed with him, to the extent where if he could he would swap the two, and then when he came out with Tucker being their child, it nearly killed me with the “good griefs!”

I feel as though I haven’t really got into why I enjoyed this book so much and the honest answer is, although it didn’t change my life, it certainly put things into perspective. Anyway, I love how it addressed the theme of time running out and how we could never get it back and the one day you realise that you aren’t happy and you haven’t been happy for years and a large chunk of your life is now gone, which you will never get back. It also showed how people change and what they wanted 20 years ago isn’t what they want now and by that time it is too late to do anything significant about it.

I would definitely recommend it to other people as it is a short read and affirms what you already know but reminds you at the same time.


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