You Against Me by Jenny Downham

I recently read You Against Me by Jenny Downham. I guess in a way I was giving the author a chance to redeem herself after I was disappointed with Before I Die. I know some may say that she is a good author and I won’t fault her writing, I merely fault what she writes about and how she just seemed to miss the point in Before I Die. Given all of this I enjoyed You Against Me.

Rape is something that is not widely spoken about and statistics regarding it are shocking. They show thar around 50% of girls will be subjected to some form of sexual abuse before they are 18 and around 2% of all rape cases actually acheive a conviction at the end. This is due to it being a case of “your-word-against-mine”. Although it is wrong but  often if someone is raped it is barely worth reporting it, given the outcome that is likely to be acheived. The thing about this book which I liked is that the reader so deserpately doesn’t want the rape to have taken place. They want Karyn to be ok and to be right, because frankly lying is disgusting. They also, at the same time, want Tom to be innocent. They want everyone to be happy but they know that not everyone can be happy.

The idea of a couple being made from the two families is controversial but also inevitable. To begin with they just want each other for information but it turns into something more than that. They meet seven times and on the seventh they have sex in front of a roaring fire. Call me prudent but should they perhaps have decided they loved each other first? Just me who thinks that love does definately not need to include sex and the first time in novels is perhaps exaggerated. I think the first time is mainly curiousity and pain. Sorry again, for incorporating personal views.

Possible spoiler ahead:

Although I did enjoy this book there is something that I did dislike about it and that was the ending. The whole book was focused around this one court case and whether he would plead guilty as everything came tumbling out about the events of that night. However the ending does not answer any questions which you will have about the storyline and so you are none the wiser from reading it!

However I did enjoy this book and read it speedily as I was keen to get to the end.


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