I know that I have been through this before…I dislike films. I know I watch them quite a lot and think that I am going to enjoy it but really if I am honest I am more likely to dislike a film than to actually like it. I just find it difficult to like a film.

Anyway, I watched this a few nights ago and although I liked that concept, I am unsure on whether I actually enjoyed the film. I liked the idea of taking a pill and then it opening up every part of your brain and would quite like to take that before an exam. If they could make a drug like that life would be so much easier! However a lot of the time the outcome of him taking this drug was he had sex with some girl…I know I am probably being rather prudent but that’s not what I would do with it. I also don’t understand when they portray women like this in films because I can’t imagine it happening in real life…I know it probably does but they are probably a lot more messed up than they are portrayed. I think if a women (maybe men as well, although more so women) has a lot of sex with men she barely knows it leading to depression.

Another thing I did not like about this film was the ending and the unnecessary violence that it entailed, I couldn’t watch most of it and so missed a rather large chunk of the film. I just couldn’t really see why it had to last so long! I was also unsatisfied by the ending as it was virtually just him saying “I will stop taking it!” and that was it! There was never actually any proof that he had stopped taking it.

It’s a shame because when I first started watching this film, I liked it. I thought it was a really clever idea and kind of made me want that drug in my life (until the end…of course), although this may be because I watched it around exam time. And also it makes you wonder how different your life would be if you owned that drug. I thought it was a nice concept and enjoyed the dystopian undertones. I just thought the plot got a little carried away and was disappointed overall. I am sorry to those who did like it because I realise that I am probably in the minority.


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