Married to the Moonies

I watched Married to the Moonies tonight on Channel 4, and actually thought it was quite good. It shows the wedding ceremony of the Moonies, a derrogative name for the members of the Unification Church. Members have to remain celibate and then a match will be arranged by their parents. After this they will travel to South Korea, only meeting their fiance a few times, before they tie the knot in a ceremony of about 2000.

Rev. Moon and his wife

The Moonies were set up by Rev Moon who says that he saw Jesus and now believes that he is the chosen Messiah to carry on the work that Jesus started. He is trying to make a new race of people who do not sin. The very idea of this seems to me to be a little optimistic as it is virtually impossible not to sin, I think everyone should strive not to, but it is impossible that being part of some “race” would make you less prone to sin. Interestingly the Unification Church supported the war against Communism in the 60’s and 70’s. Something that struck me while watching this documentary was that when it was first set up he matched every single one of his peaceful followers but now can’t because of old age. Does it not strike you as odd that something such as age would stop the Messiah?! Maybe it would.

I know I shouldn’t say this but sometimes I like the idea of an arranged marriage. I dislike the part about not seeing them before the wedding, that is too far! As you might like someone who you really like and then feel as though you are missing out, and the idea of never dating as a teenager would make me feel like I was missing out. It is almost a rite of passage, but I guess that is just my culture speaking! But I do like the idea of having your first kiss with your husband and I agree that ideally your husband should be your first time. You would think that arranged marriages would never work but in the Moonie community it really does, they have a very low divorce rate of about 4%. I have a friend who is getting married soon, obviously we are not part of the Unification Church, and although she has kissed other boys (when she has been going out with them of course) she has decided that she is not going to kiss her husband until they married. I think this is weird. Ok, fair enough if she has made the decision before she kissed anyone then I could see the point but it seems to me to be a little futile. I don’t really see how it makes you a better person either. I don’t know!

The whole thing of travelling over to Korea to marry someone you have never met before seemed really bizarre to me. Some girls hadn’t been partnered with people so travelled over there to get married. A lot of them time they end up marrying someone who does not even speak the same language as me. What is possibly more weird is the fact you can buy your wedding dress in the stadium, you literally need to plan none of it!  Evidently this works sometimes but when it goes wrong surely it goes really wrong? And maybe they do stay married but are they ever happily married?! All I’m saying is I could never imagine marrying someone I didn’t love and I couldn’t imagine it really working if I didn’t.



  1. Jeff · June 6, 2012

    Nice Blog – I was in the program with my son Réa – you got a few facts wrong but on the whole a fair reflection.

    • Hayley · June 6, 2012

      Wow! I think it is much nicer when the parent chooses rather than what happened with that girl where they are just sent over and partnered up there. I thought, although you may disagree, that channel 4 portrayed the Unification Church in a way which wasn’t offensive. I definately had quite a lot of respect after watching it. This might be wrong but I heard that the Unification Church believes that during the fall, Eve had sex with the snake because they are covering themselves up…is that true? Thanks for the comment 🙂

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