The Apprentice

Last night on The Apprentice saw the end of Adam’s time on The Apprentice! I was not a fan so I guess you could say it came as a relief. What I didn’t like about him was his sentences tend to be focussed around sexism and also his has a lot of confidence which can sometimes come across as arrogance. As he was driving away from the process, he said a few words in the car which sums this point up! He said that he was “the best salesperson the process has ever seen”, which strikes me as arrogant. I admit that he is a good sales person but as Jade rightly pointed out…what else is he good at?!

I was shocked to see Adam go this week and thought he was a definite contender for the final. Also he is very similar to Alan Sugar, leaving school at 16 and making his way in the world. He started by stacking shelves at the co-op and is now a Market Trader. As you can see he is good at what he does. Throughout the process Adam has been the person who could do little wrong with Alan Sugar which suggested to me that he was favoured ever-so-slightly! Furthermore although this week he was project manager and ultimately it was his fault, I was surprised he did not fire Nick, although I liked him the best out of the 3.

After the firing he has been said to have said that he is shocked that Jade has managed to get to the final. Which I think is a bit rude and perhaps something he should keep to himself but anyway!  He also went onto say that Nick didn’t deserve to be in the final either. Furthermore he also stated that he would never choose to work with them saying that they are “really negative and hard to work with”. I am not sure that is a legitimate reason for losing a task as he made the bad decision and Jade was the reason why they had some success (though it was limited)! I would also like to point out that on The Apprentice: You’re Fired he was asked whether he thought Sir Alan was wrong for firing him and he said he completely respects him and practically doesn’t think he could make a wrong decision. Is this somewhat undermined by him saying that Nick and Jade were worse candidates than himself?!

In the process he has said NUMEROUS times that he is “out of his comfort zone” which has got on my nerves and many other peoples. No one is really in their comfort zone in The Apprentice as they are contending against each other. And he has been on the task where they had to go to a market place and sell. People are rarely always in their comfort zone anyway! It’s a silly saying, and frankly, I don’t like it! On The Apprentice: You’re Fired afterwards when they gave him a present (you know how they give them something that sums up their experience in The Apprentice) they gave him a top with his face on it saying “I am out of my comfort zone”. I think it sums him up well!




  1. chocbutton · June 2, 2012

    It was a great wonder that Adam had managed to last as long as he did, despite the fact that he has no business talent whatsoever, except that he is good at sales but little else. During the last few weeks, when we kept hearing that he was “out of his comfort zone” also frustrated me too!

    I am backing Ricky Martin for the win!!!

    • Hayley · June 2, 2012

      I am surprised too! I think he lasted as long as he did because Alan Sugar liked him as he saw himself in him, to a degree! Everything that came out of Adam’s mouth seemed to be sexist, that is the main reason why I didn’t like him! I think he has been unfair on Jade throughout the process and when he said he wanted Ricky to get struck with her, I thought it was cruel. I have always liked Jade more than Adam! I think sometimes Adam acts like Jade won’t see what he says back as what he said on The Apprentice: You’re Fired was also mean. He has also said that there were much stronger female contestants. I feel sorry for her a lot as the others don’t seem to get along with her! Thanks for the comment 🙂 I enjoy talking about The Apprentice with other people 🙂

  2. chocbutton · June 3, 2012

    I don’t think that Jade is comes across as a likeable person on the show, she does seem to be a bit short with people sometimes and unwilling to listen, but I agree that Adam is a pompous fool! Thanks, I enjoy reading your blog and hearing other views of the show!

    • Hayley · June 3, 2012

      I think Jade is just there to win, which is fair enough! I just haven’t seen her get on well with anyone! You just summed Adam up!! And I also enjoy hearing your views on the show 🙂

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