The Apprentice 2012

I don’t know if you have been following The Apprentice but I have. Every year I enjoy this show. Although you never expect the team who does win to win it is always good to watch. I have found myself get so into to that I think “THEY SHOULD GET FIRED” And when they don’t it is a case of “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I think this yearhas been particularly exciting!

Adam Corbally

I’ll be honest, I don’t like him! I just think he comes across completely big-headed and will say things to the project manager like “you can come and work for me”, which frankly I find to be condescending, although so is everything he says! He has achieved massive sales throughout the process showing he is very good at what he does and could arguably be considered the best sales person. Although I will admit he has achieved a lot. He started his career stacking bread at the co-op and now at 32 is a successful Market Trader. I cannot fault him for that, every week he has proved that he can sell. He has been said to have said “I have a million and one ideas”, is that literally? You know that kind of exaggeration gets on my nerves slighty! Although I don’t want him to win, I think there is a very high chance that he will. He is very similar to Alan Sugar, and I think that Sugar sees a lot of himself in Adam. They both started at the bottom and worked their way up which is why I think that Alan Sugar will choose to go into business with him. I’ll admit he seems like a nice guy but his comments don’t half annoy me! Everything he says seems to be seasoned with sexism or something patronising!

Jade Nash

I like Adam more than I ,like Jade, I’ll be honest! Jade is 29 and is a Business Developer Manager, long job title or what?! I personally think that she should have been fired weeks ago! You know the week that they had to buy from a wholesaler and then sell on what they had bought, she obviously completely lost the plot on this task and as project manager I felt very strongly that she should have gone. Azhal went that week and for the reason that he always asked Jade what their strategy was…BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE ONE! Furthermore she also has one of the most annoying voices I have ever heard, I know she can’t help it but it accumalates…ok?! She has said that her “passion is money” which is probably one of the most materialistic sentences I have ever heard! I suppose a passion like that would make you very driven…but really? Can you really build a life which is purely fixated on acquiring as much wealth and greed as possible?! I personally don’t think we’ll be seeing her in the final, and if we do, she won’t win!

Nick Holzherr

Nick is a 25-year-old, technology entrepeneur. And although not my favourite, is probably my second favourite. A lot of the time however I would like it if he won.  Throughout the competition he has excelled at design and technology and the making of websites, also with sales. When he was 9 he use to make money by selling lost golf balls back to golfers, which is intelligent. I think he is probably one of the cleverest contestants which does help. I also like how he has achieved as much as he has by the age of 25. The idea that Steve Jobs is his inspiration and that kind of shows how he aims high rather than Jade who aspires to be like her parents, cute but are they really that successful?! Sorry. What I like about him as he seems down-to-earth and is more driven by his ideas than the money he could make from them, obviously that is also an incentive though. He also acknowledges that he sometimes comes across arrogant which perhaps suggests that he is trying to better himself. I think we are going to be seeing him in the final on sunday!

Ricky Martin

Funny name, I know! Ricky is a 26-year-old Recruitment Team Manager who operates in the science industry. This is due to him having an Honours Degree in Biochemistry. He also does bodybuilding, which isn’t that interesting but in most episodes he reminds us!  I can honestly say that I don’t really know how he has contributed to this process, he is an average seller and an average team leader. Throughout the process what I have not liked about his personality is how blunt he is. It was on the last task when he told Gabriella he knew “how to suck eggs”, to be honest she was only making sure they were all on the same page! He has commented on himself being “the reflection of perfection”, which is arrogant to say the least. Personally, on a show like this I think it is a mindless thing to say as you are going to be proven wrong! I don’t like him and don’t think he is a strong candidate to win, I doubt he will win although I think we are likely to see him in the final on sunday.

Tom Gearing

This is who I want to win! This being Tom, a 23-year-old Director of a Fine Wine Investment Company. The English Sparkling Wine week must have been right up his street, probably being the reason why he secured an easy victory. Throughout the process he has planned in-depth which has meant that he was the winner on all the tasks. But also he has stayed calm and collected which I have really liked about him as when he has been frustrated by someone he has never once raised his voice, I think that is a quality that I would like to have! However I will admit in this process his knowledge about certain fields as portrayed him in an arrogant light as like in the art gallery week he does not put across his passion but instead puts it across as though he is trying to educate them and almost show off his wealth of knowledge. Throughout the series the audience has been able to witness his dislike for early mornings but also his self-assurance which has helped in the process. I want him to win, or at least come second!



  1. chocbutton · June 2, 2012

    I think that either Ricky or Jade will win this Sunday. I am not really convinced by Nick, who seems to have been quiet through most of the series. Tom, I thought was a strong favourite for the win, but he had a bad couple of weeks from the art task that made me think different, although he did well presenting Modern Gentleman last Wednesday. Ricky has been a strong candidate and I think would make a worthy winner, and although Jade is not that likeable, I think that she would prove a close challenge to Ricky as she seems to be good at creating ideas. The big idea that she unveils on Sunday will be the thing that propels her to the win if it is strong enough…

    • Hayley · June 2, 2012

      Really? I thought that Jade was the weakest out of them, I think it is just because I got really annoyed when she didn’t get fired for the wholesalers task, she completely misunderstood it. I did like Tom more at the beginning of the series too and he does let himself incredibly by the way in which he presents himself. I am also not so convinced by Nick, throughout the process I haven’t seen much of him and I don’t really know what he has contributed, other than the technology part, I am not sure if he is just a “technology man” rather than a “business man”. Thanks for the comment, I really enjoy The Apprentice and see that you do too 🙂 I will look at your blog soon 🙂

      • chocbutton · June 3, 2012

        I thought Jade was disastrous in the wholesalers task but in recent tasks, she has proven herself to be a better candidate – she judged the discount deals task perfectly, and she basically did all of the work last Wednesday, even though not all of her ideas were strong. I agree with you about Nick – I am not sure how well he is suited to business as he hasn;t demonstrated this yet. Looking forward to the final tonight! 🙂

      • Hayley · June 3, 2012

        I actually really liked Gabby and thought it was a shame when she left, especially as Steven should have gone! Although he did I still think it shouldn’t have been a double ellimination! I am looking forward to the final as well 🙂 I think this year has been really good 🙂

      • chocbutton · June 7, 2012

        I thought that Gabby was a good candidate – she is very creative and gets on well with people, but on the show, we didn’t really see much of her business skills which was a shame. Stephen should have gone weeks ago! I think this year it has been hard to judge who will win as whoever the “favourite” is keeps changing. I thought the final on Sunday was good, and that the winner was well deserved

      • Hayley · June 7, 2012

        I really liked Gabby as well, really thought she’d at least get to the final! Stephen was awful, I did like the faces he pulled when something had gone wrong though! 🙂 I thought it was hard to tell too, my dad was convinced that Adam would win, even though he didn’t like him. On sunday I would rather have seen Tom win, I know Ricky wanted to come across arrogant for attention but I didn’t like him for it. At one point I really thought that Alan Sugar would pick Tom.

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