No matter what anyone say I understand that this is an acquired taste, there are people like me who love Miranda whereas other people who just can’t stand it.

I had a friend at high school who very much enjoyed, as did I! I think it can be said to be something that we will always share in common! I know every time I watch it, it doesn’t matter how many times I have watched it before, it always makess me laugh! The humour is immature, I can admit that. But then again I guess I am a little immature. It’s just not serious, which I love!

Moving on to the cast, each one are so well thought out! They are so loveable and though Miranda’s life is problematic to say the least, you begin to want her life, to a degree!

Miranda- Referred to as Queen Kong by her boarding school “friends”, the nickname perhaps suits her as she has a mild obsession with food, at some point in series 1, Gary is worried about his business and says that “takings serious [went] down when Miranda went on a diet”, wasn’t even joking. She is clumsy to say that least and in awkward situations is likely to begin to sing!

Stevie- Her best friend who helps her to run her joke shop. Stevie is ambitious and will ask herself everyday, in Heather Small fashion, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO MAKE YOU FEEL PROUUUD?” “Heather, Heather Small I…” and so forth. Very competitive and usually enters into ridiculous competitions with Miranda.

Gary- This is who Miranda fancies and who is a chef at the nearest restaurant…Miranda’s perfect man?! I think so! What I love about this that they lie when they are in awkward situations, Gary only does it when Miranda is there but it is just so funny listening to them come out with the first thing that crosses their mind!

Penny- Miranda’s mum, desperate to find Miranda a husband! Has an annoying habit of saying “such fun! such fun!” and also “going to play, what I call, tennis”. Very often gives too much information about her and her husband’s sex life to Miranda who can’t actually face intimacy and has to mouth the word sex.

Anyway, I think it is funny and anyone that isn’t into it, should definitely try to get into it. It is purely lighthearted slapstick which although won’t make you think it is a great thing to watch if you want something mindless, which I very often do!


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