Samantha Brick: ‘Women hate me because I’m beautiful”

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of girl power! I’m all up for woman feeling confident about their appearence and what they do. Heck, I border on being a feminist sometimes but this is far too far! You must have all heard of this but if not, Samantha Brick, apparenly a journalist,  posted an article a few days ago in which she argued that beautiful people had life so hard because all her friends thought that she was going to run off with their husbands! And how she was always getting noticed she went as far to say that “Throughout my adult life I’ve had bottles of bubbly or wine sent to my restaurant table by men I don’t know”. Ok, tad bit arrogant there, but we’ll get over it if it’s true, it’s her next statement which really sets into stone what kind of woman she really is. “Whenever I ask what I have done to deserve such treatment, the donors of these gifts have always said the same thing: my pleasing appearence and pretty smile made their day”. Need I say more, reader?

I would like to make the point that women would only be worried (and this applies with any woman, not just a beautiful one) that their husband or boyfriend are going to run off with another woman if the other woman if constantly flirting with them and the man flirts back. A beautiful girl wondering by does not make them instantly paranoid. Ok? So the statement “women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks” is actually quite offensive. It kind of portrays the idea that us women only judge on looks and can’t actually work out if we like someone’s personality. We are all at some “beautiful” girl’s mercy! I personally don’t dislike her because she is pretty but because she is outrageously arrogant! I’m sure I’m not on my own on this matter.

Raising the point, who actually are her friends?! Never once have I worried that my boyfriend is going to leave me for someone else, never mind friends! Men can think for themselves…believe it or not! Obviously you’re doing more than just look at these men if their wives think you’re a threat! Also the amount of faff which would be involved…her divorcing her husband to run off with the other husband who has to divorce her wife…is it really going to happen? Samantha, there is something called trust and love. Trusting the other person not to! And if you’re really in love than the appearencce of someone else won’t make a difference to your relationship. Why does she think that people in a relationship are constantly looking for someone better, looks-wise. Perhaps they actually like the person! I am a firm believer that once you fancy someone they just look attractive because you like them in that way. It’s hard to describe, but ‘in love’ the other person will always find them attractive!

I was watching her on the TV today and she said that she sticks by what she said as some people have emailed her and told her that it’s the story of her life. Probably one other person but moving on! She said that the amount of criticism she has got shows people agree but does it really? I can fully assure you I don’t dislike people who are attractive, I might if they were flirting with my boyfriend and he was taking notice but that’s completely unlikely. Do you know what I mean? Some woman’s looks don’t really mean anything to mean, it’s not as though I am going to fancy her!

Furthermore when you post an article like this you also draw attention to your looks and I would like to point out she is even that attractive! Sure she has nice hair but if you see her talk, you’ll see her teeth are pretty horrible, I know that’s mean but she must be up for this! It was awkward when they had a pshychologist on with her and she was more attractive. Just think before you speak Samantha because this was a silly argument to be having!



  1. Ruthbug · April 9, 2012

    I liked this part best: ‘Never once have I worried that my boyfriend is going to leave me for someone else, never mind friends! Men can think for themselves…believe it or not!’

    So true, these worries never apply to me, or any of my female friends. She goes on about how women are untrusting of their husbands around her because of her “lovely looks”, but really she is displaying her own severe delusional insecurity, she feels rejected by others but unable to take any blame for her personality or warped views so blames her physical appearance instead. There’s positive affirmation, then there’s positively insane.

    • Hayley · April 10, 2012

      Completely agree! I think she was just incredibly dillusional, she was pretty but most the time people in a relationship are happy…they aren’t looking for replacements. And it’s one thing to find someone attractive but something totally different to actually leave the person you’re with for the “lovely looks”. Thank you for the comment 🙂 I think most people felt the same, though she didn’t see that.

      • Ruthbug · April 10, 2012

        Yes it was cringeworthy some of the things she said. I’m not too bothered that she thinks she’s “lovely looking” women deserve confidence not the insecurities that lead to anxiety, bulimia/anorexia, it’s the fact she accused all women of hating attractive women, the fact she presumes to know how every other woman thinks, yet denies thinking this way herself, she’s thrown all women into a hateful category and out herself on a golden pedestal. Beyond delusional.

        Did you see her interviewed on This Morning ?

      • Hayley · April 11, 2012

        I did watch the interview on This Morning, I thought the pshychologist was more attractive than she was :S

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