Books I think are overrated

I realise some people aren’t going to agree with this little list (yes, it is little, there either aren’t many books which are overrated or I just couldn’t think of them…I’m going to go for the latter!) Anyway, let’s take it away! This may contain spoilers, but they aren’t very good books so what’s the problems?

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Ok, so I know some people like this, but I don’t. But I have read it twice so I feel like I have a right to. I know the plot inside out so don’t tell me I needed to get into it more. I got into it and that’s perhaps what makes it ridiculous. Georrrrrrge, let me nice and hopeful…except they never fulfil tend the rabbits, Georrrrrrge, I’ll feed them alfalfa on our farm!” come on, please?! This book is purely about two men, who swear far too much for my liking, talking about a dream! That’s very this dream. George kills Lenny at the end because Lenny kills Curley’s wife and Curley gets angry. You follow? I know I read it for school and perhaps that is the reason why I disliked it but I have read other books for school and enjoyed them so I don’t think it instantly puts you off. I know this was banned as was The Catcher in the Rye, however I understand why this was banned. Catcher in the Rye may have some naughty words in it but I can see that they are necessary and perhaps not excessive, whereas Of Mice and Men, they are excessive. Just far too much swearing of “goddams”. I think there is a benefit to this book. Only one. It is incredibly short, at least it doesn’t take too long to read! I know we’re talking about the book but…THE FILM! Lenny is just a little bit stupid but in the film he is portrayed as actually being disabled, film producers, I liked Lenny so please don’t take that away from me! Ok?

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Dickens in general is overrated. Yes he is a classic and we should all admire him but I don’t. I think he is a hypocrite. Great, we should save children from poverty and workhouses but your wife is getting fat and ugly lets just kick her out and refuse to let her see her own children. Good one, Charlie! I disliked the character of Pip more than any other fictional character. The way it was written was exceptionally dull. He was writing it for a paper and so therefore dragged it on for as long as possible, thank you! I found that what he said in about a paragraph could be condensed to about a couple of sentences. It goes on forever and you just wait for it to get good and you realise at the end that it never does! Frankly he is overrated and really was a hypocrite, which made me dislike him more. I’m sure if this book was published nowadays it wouldn’t even be classed as average so just because it is classed as a classic doesn’t really mean that it is any better than any other book!

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Getting risky now am I? I personally haven’t read this book because I gave up after about a chapter, I just couldn’t keep going with it! I had to read it for a piece of English Literature coursework and actually had to change to a different book because I couldn’t be doing with it! I know other people who are avid readers and just couldn’t get into this…I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! Take my warning and don’t read it! If you’re desperate to read a dystopian well then read Nineteen Eighty-Four or The Hunger Games or something! Anything but this!

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

I know people who have enjoyed the last two books will be a little insulted that I rounded this rant off with this book but it is an awful series, not just 1 book but 4! I have seen pictures on the internet that have said that the only purpose for Twilight is for emergency toilet paper, don’t lie, you agree! It is written as though a 14-year-old wrote it and yet Meyer is credited for coming up with such drivel…what has writing amounted to! It is about sparkle vampires…really? Admittedly the film is even worse. I know right? How can anything be worse? Kristen Stewart is the worst actress, she plays with only one facial expression the whole time and is Robert Pattinson really that attractive?! Of course these are things we must all ask ourselves in life! You should read the last book if you really want something overrated although I would admit that even Twilight diehards are disappointed by the lack of action. She is pregnant with a half-vampire baby…need I say more?

Ok, that’s my rant over…I am sorry if you found that immature or now want to tell me that I am incredibly ignorant and should appreciate these books more. Honestly I’ve tried! Why would you put yourself through any of these books?! I know I did and regret it! Learn from my mistakes reader!



  1. celticfc97 · April 4, 2012

    I think you’re right 😀 I kinda liked OM&M but it was a little weird. We’re being forced to read Great Expectations and I think I’m dying. I MOTHEREFFING HATE THAT BOOK. BTdubs, thanks for following me back 😀

    • Hayley · April 4, 2012

      I might have liked OM&M more if it hadn’t taken my teacher about 5 months to read it to us, by the time we’d finished it everyone had already told us what had happedn! I was forced to read GE as well and I felt exactly the same way, it is just long-winded and dull! And no problem about the follow back. I really enjoy your blog and have a *slight* owl obsession so your display picture instantly made me like you! 😛 🙂 Thanks for the comment 🙂

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