Snow Patrol

ImageI went to my first concert last night. Snow Patrol, supported by Everything Everything. It was tather amazing, I’ll be honest!

I was not wildly looking forward, as I went with my boyfriend, his hardcore sister and his mother. I thought this was the ingredients for a very awkward evening, but it wasn’t. That is where his family are different to mine. If my parents see my hug my boyfriend at all they tease me about, whereas with him he doesn’t get that at all. Please bear in mind that I am 16, not that old but please it’s old enough to have a boyfriend.

Also my boyfriend is that shy guy, well he was before we started going out…he still retains an element of this. What I meant however is before we were going out I thought it wouldn’t be interested in PDA (public displays of affection) but in fact he is a lot more comfortable with it than I am. Whenever we go out he’s always holding my hand, even if we’re in college…I’ll stand next to him and he’ll cuddle me. No kisses obviously because I won’t let him! This is for our friend’s benefit, I also know what it’s like to be the third wheel…not something I would want to put people through. Also any time we go to the cinema or even sit on the train he’ll put his arm around me and kiss my forehead. I am really lucky to have him.

As his mother and sister are reasonable he put his arm around me for the whole concert and we have this little thing we do when we’re together that is there’s any music we like tap the rhythm/words on the other person. It’s cute. Then he actually turned to me and full on kissed me, with his family there, they didn’t notice but he did it regardless.

This of course was not the main reason why I enjoyed the concert, it’s a little side note about my amazing boyfriend, he doesn’t even know I have a blog so maybe I don’t need to tell the world that…but I want to! The main reason I enjoyed it was of course for the music. Snow Patrol’s main singer, Gary Lightbody, is such charismatic man. He didn’t just sing awesomely and with clarity but he also was entertaining, in between songs he would chat to the audience and would make jokes. I liked him! Everything Everything were also really good and were definately worth watching, I had heard some of their stuff before I went but will be listening to a lot more now 🙂

Anyway, there you have it! I have a very close to perfect life! Although I think that some people wouldn’t want to hear that other people are doing well, although I am just saying how I feel on my blog 🙂


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