Grace Brown

I thought I would share another little thought with you, my lovely reader! I read a book recently called “A Gathering Light” by Jennifer Donnelly which is a good book I would recommend. Since reading this book Grace Brown has been on my mind. I’m not crazy.

It is the most famous murder in New York history, admittedly I’m not usually interested in murder and avoid reading about it because it frightens me. However this is the exception. Grace Brown was seeing Chester Gillette who she met while working at a factory which he owned and although I don’t really know much about this relationship she ended up getting pregnant. She then wrote a load of letters to Chester pleading for him to come and get her and marry her before anyone found out she was pregnant. He sent some half-hearted letters back which said he was with other girls but would come back for her. Reading the letters you get the impression that the relationship was very much on his terms and he would marry her if he wanted to not because it was the right thing to do.

Obviously Chester Gillette was in a completely different class to Grace Brown as he owned a factory and she only worked there. This. therefore, put Chester off marrying her as he was concerned about what people would think of him.

Anyway Chester finally wrote back to Grace saying he would come back for her and marry her. They met in a small town and Chester bought a suitcase and a tennis racket. He blundered Grace with the tennis racket and through her body into the river, her bruised body was found the next day. People who saw Chester after this said he was calm and as though nothing was amiss. He showed no remorse. In another letter Grace wrote about how much she loved the water but how she couldn’t swim. He knew she couldn’t swim.

As he made no real attempt to cover up what he had done he was found guilty of it very quickly. The letters were found and Chester Gillette was found guilty and was given the death penalty. On the 30th March 1908 Chester Gillette died by electric chair.


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