The Black Opal by Victoria Holt

I didn’t think much to this book, I’ll be honest. 8 people died and it only had 11 chapters, it just seemed to be rather morbid the whole way through and then magically had a happy ending. The author should have made their mind up one way or another!

I found the storyline quite comical and completely unrealistic. It was roughly about a half gypsie girl who was found under the Azuela bush and was magically accepted into this rather rich family although let’s be honest at that period of time that would not have happened! Then she is bought up exactly the same as the other children in the house but then is always the outcast and a few family members don’t like her. Oh woe is her! That is all it felt like the whole way through the book. The author was trying desperately to make me feel sorry for Carmel and I just found her annoying. She is then bought up with a Uncle Toby who then magically becomes her father and then she has the greatest life ever! Because obviously these things happen. I couldn’t be doing with it. As you will be able to see.

I liked the character of Adeline, I felt sorry for her. I would have liked her more in this book. I found her interesting, she didn’t appear like she knew what was going on but she knew exactly and that I thought made her very powerful. I also like at the ending. It just reminded me that she wasn’t normal. By the end of the book I was wishing she had actually have pushed Carmel off the edge.

Another unrealistic point in this novel was the amount of men that wanted to marry her. She had the most annoying personality ever and anyway even really beautiful people don’t get proposed to by 3 people. However the men that were interested were boring.

And lastly this book was predictable, as soon as Lucien got introduced to the storyline you could tell that Carmel would end up married to him and it wasn’t as though they even got on that well it was just OBVIOUS!


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